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    Charged With A Crime?

    A Denver Colorado Criminal Defense Attorney Specializing in Criminal Law

    By H. Michael Steinberg Colorado Crimes Criminal Defense Lawyer – Attorney

    Have You Been Arrested in Colorado?

    Colorado Criminal Law Specialist

    Colorado Criminal Law Specialist

    Colorado criminal defense lawyer – H. Michael Steinberg defends the constitutional rights of his  clients around the clock. This firm is truly 24/7/365 and it offers an free phone case evaluation at any time of the night or day where you will benefit from the experience of 40 years of Colorado criminal law expertise.

    H. Michael has successfully handled thousands of cases.  From drug crimes, to sex crimes, to domestic violence crimes, to theft crimes, to DUI related crimes, to juvenile crimes, to probation violation cases, to child abuse, to traffic violations, to white collar crimes and fraud crimes, and including violent crimes, weapons charges, homicide & murder, to assault & battery and finally to all phases of Colorado criminal defense is provided to his clients.

    H. Michael is the responsible choice in a Colorado Criminal Defense Lawyer and provides the kind of fair chance and even playing field his clients deserve when fighting the criminal allegations that have been lodged against them.

    H. Michael will provide the kind of guidance that only a law firm with a track record of success can provide. Coloradans who have been charged with ANY TYPE of criminal offense can find the kind of experienced, effective and aggressive defense they will need in the courts of Colorado from the well established law firm of H. Michael Steinberg.

    The Experience of A Former Colorado Career Prosecutor – Now Fighting For You

    The Steinberg Colorado Criminal Defense Law Firm focuses exclusively on criminal defense and he personally invests in every client’s case to achieve the best outcome possible in any situation. Founding lawyer H. Michael Steinberg served as a prosecutor for more than 13 years in Colorado and Oregon before devoting his professional career to advocate for those accused of all Colorado  State and Federal misdemeanor and felony crimes.

    On Line  – Or Email Case Evaluations

    H. Michael Steinberg
    Colorado CriminalI Defense Lawyer

    The Steinberg Colorado Criminal Defense Law Firm provides a free online case evaluation for  anyone considering criminal defense legal representation.  Potential clients can easily fill out their information to be contacted by H. Michael in usually (much) less than 12 hours.  “H” – as he is sometimes called – is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to take calls. To learn more his representation and about the firm, please call today.

    Those who are accused of a crime in the state of Colorado can find the tough and reliable defense strategies that they need when they contact an Denver area criminal lawyer at the firm for help. Criminal accusations and charges are to be taken seriously – they can result in severe penalties such as jail time, costly fines, probation, community service and much more.  Don’t accept your  charges and just admit defeat. Take action  -contact our firm.

    No one wants to watch as their life falls to pieces as a result of a problematic criminal offense. If you have been charged with a crime – a serious felony or simple misdemeanor then you need to invest in the careful consideration that a professional will be able to provide. H. Michael is more than ready to help you move forward with extensive study of your situation, and an honest outlook on the whole of your case.

    • Possesses the highest level of professional skills
    • Has successfully represented people accused of wrongdoing for many years
    • Can assure you and your family that you will receive the kind of personalized attention and care that you deserve.

    “My name is H. Michael Steinberg and over the last 30years, I’ve built a well-established and solid reputation as a skilled Denver Colorado criminal defense attorney among my peers, prosecutors, and the judiciary in the Denver metropolitan area.”

    More important though, is the reputation I have with my clients.

    During my three -plus decades of practice, I’ve represented, and quite frankly prosecuted as a career prosecutor-DA , thousands of clients in criminal defense matters in the Colorado state courts. I therefore have a thorough knowledge of Colorado criminal law from both sides of the courtroom.

    My clients have been accused of every possible crime in the Colorado Criminal Code, ranging from the most serious charges (such as murder, drug trafficking and sexual assaults) to white collar crimes (such as conspiracy, mail, wire and insurance fraud, and racketeering).

    Clients with misdemeanor charges like shoplifting and driving under the influence receive the same attention as those charged with the most serious crimes. I do not assign my cases to a young associate. It is my law firm, and I take the care to personally handle every matter through conclusion. You will communicate with me at every stage of the case. No one else. Period.

    In a number of cases, I become involved at such an early stage of the investigation, I am able to convince the authorities not to charge my clients at all.

    But most important, I know that to a client and their family, all criminal charges are serious matters, no matter how minor they are. Every case and every client deserves an attorney who will do everything possible to gain a dismissal, a reduction of the charges, or if possible an acquittal of the charges. That is exactly what I promise to do for you–do everything possible and do it for a reasonable fee.

    A Colorado Criminal Defense Attorney Specializing in Criminal Law in Denver and the Front Range for Over 40 years

    Examples of Areas of Practice

    • Domestic Violence Charges
    • Federal Criminal Charges
    • White Collar Crimes
    • Murder & Violent Crimes
    • Arrests for Sex Crimes & Sexual Offenses
    • Drug Charges
    • Arrests for Computer & Internet Crimes (Cyberlaw)
    • Fraud, Forgery, Theft and related offenses.
    • DUI and Vehicular Homicide and Assaults.

    I fight for my clients regardless of where they live or where they’ve been charged.

    I practice in Denver, all over the Front Range, and throughout Colorado in both state and federal courts, including all of the surrounding counties: Adams, Arapahoe, Douglas, Jefferson, Broomfield, Boulder, Larimer, Denver, Elbert, Gilpin, Lincoln, Park, El Paso.

    If you should need a seasoned, experienced, and successful Colorado criminal defense attorney, please contact me using the contact form to the upper-left, or call me at 303-627-7777 during regular business hours.

    If it’s after normal business hours or on a weekend, call me at my 24-hour emergency line: 720-220-2277 (my cell) or 303-543-4433 (my 24-7-365 pager) or both.

    Most often, I will call you back immediately or within a few minutes.

    • H. Michael Steinberg is an original member of Tom Martino’s Exclusive Trouble Shooter Digital Network and on occasion acts as an attorney resource for Tom on criminal defense issues.
    • H. Michael Steinberg is a frequent expert legal commentator/analyst on criminal defense issues for Denver Colorado’s KHOW 630 Radio in Denver (The Redmond and Newman Show and the Tom Martino Troubleshooter show), as well as for the Colorado Springs Gazette.

    H. Michael can be found every day in the courtrooms of the Front Range. He is rarely in his office in the Denver Tech Center; rather, he prefers to be in the courtrooms of the Front Range where he advocates on behalf of his clients in Denver, Jefferson County, Arapahoe County, Adams, El Paso, Douglas, Larimer, Boulder, Weld and nearly every county and judicial district in the state of Colorado.

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