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     The Colorado Criminal Defense Firm of H.Michael Steinberg For Drug and Controlled Substance Crimes

    Introduction – At the Steinberg Colorado Criminal Defense Law Firm, no matter what kind of drug offense you have been charged with, you will get the legal representation you need. In defending these drug crimes , it is invaluable to know the inner workings of the prosecutor’s office. H. Michael is a former Colorado State Career District Attorney, so he has special knowledge of how and why criminal charges are brought.  After more than 28 years practicing criminal law in the courthouses of Colorado, H Michael is a well known and respected and experienced criminal defense attorney ready to help you with personalized, quality legal representation.

    Why Drug Crimes Are Different

    Defendants in drug cases often enter the criminal justice system in one of several ways: by arrest by a police officer during a routine traffic stop and subsequent search of a vehicle in which drugs were discovered; by being picked up on an arrest warrant and having drugs on his person or in plain view; during the execution of a search warrant for a person’s home or business; or having been indicted by the Grand Jury after a long criminal investigation of alleged drug dealing.

    While there is no magic formula for defending a drug case, most attorneys agree that thorough preparation before confronting the case is imperative.  In order to thoroughly understand a case  a criminal defense lawyer will conduct an extensive interview with his client, learn the facts and discussing what is and is not corroborated by the police reports, witness statements and physical evidence.

    Under some circumstances a defendant may be eligible for an extended term, effectively doubling the sentence. This is usually due to aggravating factors such as a person’s prior criminal record.

    Example – Simple Possession Cases

    In order to sustain a conviction for possession of cannabis or a controlled substance, the prosecution has to show that defendant had knowledge of the presence of the drugs and that the drugs were in his immediate possession.  Actual physical possession is not required.  Possession may be “constructive” and can be inferred from the surrounding facts and circumstances. Once possession is proven, knowledge may be proven by circumstantial evidence.

    The Federal – State Substance Classifications

    Schedule I substances are those where there is a high potential of abuse and dependency and no accepted medical use or acceptance (e.g., heroin).

    Schedule II substances are subject to the same abuse, creating dependency, but having some accepted medical use (e.g., Codeine).

    Schedule III substance are those of less potential for abuse than I & II and have accepted medical uses (e.g., pentobarbital).

    Schedules IV & V substances have a low potential for abuse, an accepted medical use and limited dependency.

    Possession or the manufacture of the substances contained in the enumerated schedules is a serious felony.  The quantity and the type of substance determine the severity of the penalty imposed.  The quantity – NOT the quality or purity of the substance, unlike federal law, has no effect on the penalty.

    Penalties and potential outcomes

    For some possession or delivery offenses a penitentiary sentence is mandatory, but for others, a period of probation, a term of periodic imprisonment or conditional discharge is available.  Court supervision is not available for felonies. First time offender’s probation – such as drug court – is available for some possession charges and is similar to court supervision. This form of drug probation has numerous conditions.

    Probation: Probation is for a fixed period of time, but may be extended or revoked for violations while on probation.  If revoked, the defendant may be re-sentenced to prison or jail.

    Unsupervised Probation:  similar to probation but usually involves no direct reporting to a probation officer and often without the stringent requirements of probation.

    Work Release and In Home Detention ON Ankle Monitor: Work Release is a sentence of imprisonment during which the committed person may be released for periods of time during the day or night to work or seek employment, attend to family needs or obtain medical treatment. In Home Detention ion an ankle monitor requires a “land line” to work and is more difficult to obtain depending on the case.

    Denver Colorado Drug Crime Defense Attorney

    Drug crime cases almost always involve constitutional issues regarding how drugs were discovered and how they were seized.

    Did an officer have reasonable suspicion to pull a car over?

    Was a search warrant executed properly?

    Did officers intend to look for an excuse to enter a home after knocking on the door?


    Denver Colorado drug crime defense lawyer H. Michael Steinberg can help you expose constitutional violations and manipulation on the part of police officers in drug crimes cases. To get more information about his drug crime defense practice, please e-mail us or call 303-627-7777.

    Personal Attention From a Denver Colorado Drug Crime Defense Lawyer

    When you hire an attorney, you should get an experienced attorney. That is precisely what H. Michael Steinberg believes. Your case will not be passed on to an inexperienced associate, paralegal or secretary. You will deal with him directly. When you call or send an e-mail, he will respond. That is the level of personal attention that your case deserves.

    Defending You From Any Drug Charges

    For more than 28 years, attorney Steinberg has represented clients in Denver and across Colorado in drug crime cases.  He defends people charged with all types of drug charges, including:

    Drug manufacturing

    Drug possession

    Drug trafficking

    Drug distribution

    Drug dealing

    Drug sale

    Drug conspiracy

    Drug importation

    Denver Colorado drug crime defense lawyer H. Michael Steinberg can help you with charges related to any type of illegal drug, including:




    Illegally obtained prescription drugs




    Helping You at Any Stage in Your Case

    As a Denver Colorado drug crime defense lawyer,H. Michael Steinberg provides aggressive and effective representation at any stage of the criminal process. Whether you believe you are under investigation for a state or federal drug crime or you have been arrested, he will stand by your side.

    If you are facing a bond hearing, he can represent you and ask the court to reduce the amount involved. Moreover, if you have been convicted or have entered a guilty plea, he can also assist with criminal appeals or other post-conviction relief.

    Contact a Colorado Narcotic Possession Lawyer

    E-mail us or call 303-627-7777 to schedule a consultation with a dedicated Colorado narcotic possession attorney.

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