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    Finding A Job After A Colorado Criminal Conviction

    By Colorado Criminal Defense Lawyer – Attorney – H. Michael Steinberg

    Finding A Job After A Colorado Criminal Conviction is

    Finding A Job After A Colorado Criminal Conviction is

    Finding A Job After A Colorado Criminal Conviction is a difficult task made more difficult by the comprehensive background checks of today.. This article is intended to give my clients and others needing help – some guidance and some suggestions to help them in their difficulty.

    The Impact Of A Criminal History On Finding Employment

    After a conviction – even an arrest record  – your future may be changed.  Fighting a criminal conviction may seem expensive and difficult – but conceding and accepting a “bad plea bargain” may be far worse in the long run.

    Today – potential employers have focused on whether their possible future employees have criminal records.  This is the result of lawsuits that have had juries awarding large verdicts against employers for not investigating the backgrounds of their staffs.

    The lawsuits are for negligently hiring people who have criminal histories. If harm is later caused in almost any employment context – the victim sues.

    The Impact Of An Employee With A Criminal History On The Business

    Employers are also often called upon to reveal the criminal histories of their employees before other businesses or individual’s will do business with them.  In the financial industry – trust is everything. Handling OPM or other people’s money requites no controversy and an examination of the risks inherent in businesses competing for the same contract opportunities.

    A venture capital company trying to raise money is required to assess risk and make disclosures  to the principles involved – this includes investors and banks.

    Having an employee on staff with even a history of petty theft or – worse – embezzlement – requires disclosure and most likely loss of the opportunity.

    What Can They Ask Me About My Criminal History On The Application?

    Colorado law permits an employer to ask you about your criminal history.  If your record has been expunged – sealed under Colorado law – you are permitted to lie and say you have no criminal history even if at one point you did.

    But refusing to reveal a criminal history that is “visible” may be a mistake.  Background checks are easier and easier to conduct.  If you have a criminal conviction history – such as a petty offense, a municipal court conviction – or an older drug crime conviction – you may be eligible to have your record sealed under some new laws in Colorado.  Contact our firm and before you begin your job search to be fully informed of your rights.

    A Colorado criminal defense lawyer can help you determine whether you are eligible to have a conviction sealed, expunged or otherwise legally minimized. A laws passed in 2013 – called the “Collateral Consequences Bill” may be in place to help you.

    Finding A Job After A Colorado Criminal Conviction – The Two Faced Approach To Criminal Convictions – The Story Of A Conflicted Society

    You will hear from the man on the street that if you “pay your debt” you will be forgiven. You may reintegrate into society. Gainful employment and rehabilitation go hand in hand.

    While psychologists will testify that a routine employment generic cialis usa schedule and regular income reduces the possibility of “recidivism” or repeating a criminal act – it is very hard to find an employer willing to risk hiring a person with a criminal record. If you have a criminal history – you WILL  face prejudice in the hiring process.

    To find that job – find the right employer and be honest!

    Employers will hire people they can trust. If you hide information that is later unveiled – you will be fired. Certainly being honest about your past may close certain doors initially – but it may open others. Take a long view of your employment search.

    Start Your Colorado Job Search With People Or Friends Of People You Know

    Family, friends and friends of friends are much more likely to take the risk of hiring someone they know who has a criminal record.  These first jobs may not be ideal and do not expect the first job following your conviction to be THE ideal job.

    It is critically important to start somewhere and create a history of gainful employment. The best guide to an employer is past success because it foreshadows future success.  Even volunteer, or  temporary or entry-level positions are helpful in this regard.

    Some Final Words On Post Criminal Record Job Searches

    DON’T Use alcohol or illegal drugs (drug tests are becoming more common).

    DON’T Seek Employment that is a bad fit for your criminal history (retail sales – if you shoplift, finance industry – if you were convicted of embezzlement and the like). Always consider the  nature of your past offense before applying for a job.

    That first job is the first step toward rebuilding your career and our life.

    BUT the best plan of all – prevent this case from becoming a criminal conviction – or seek a plea agreement that permits an expungement – sealing of your record if you must “take a deal.”

    H. Michael Steinberg – if you call him – will talk to you about various options and offer advice on how you can overcome – or perhaps even prevent this situation from overtaking your life.

    Finding A Job After A Colorado Criminal Conviction

    Denver Colorado Criminal Defense Lawyer

    The Law Offices of H. Michael Steinberg, in Denver, Colorado, provide criminal defense clients with effective, efficient, intelligent and strong legal advocacy. We can educate you and help you navigate the stressful and complex legal process related to your criminal defense issue.

    H. Michael Steinberg, is a Denver, Colorado criminal defense lawyer who will provide you with a free initial case consultation to evaluate your legal issues and to answer your questions with an honest assessment of your options.

    Helping Clients To Make Informed Decisions In the Defense of Colorado Criminal Cases. Colorado Defense Lawyer H. Michael Steinberg provides solid criminal defenses for clients throughout the Front Range of Colorado – including the City and County courts of Adams County, Arapahoe County, City and County of Boulder, City and County of Broomfield, City and County of Denver, Douglas County, El Paso County – Colorado Springs, Gilpin County, Jefferson County, Larimer County, and Weld County,…. and all the other cities and counties of Colorado along the I-25 Corridor… on cases involving …Finding A Job After A Colorado Criminal Conviction is.

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