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    Colorado Pre-Charging Representation – Critical Advice When You Need It Most

    In Colorado criminal investigations – and across the country – legal representation at the investigation stage is the most critical stage and the best time to consult and hire a criminal defense attorney. If you have been contacted by the police and are under investigation by a law enforcement in Colorado, you must make sure you are protected. An experienced criminal defense attorney can act as a shield between you and law enforcement and often times can avoid the criminal charges completely.

    Unintentional self-incrimination is a huge risk at this point in the case and the guidance of an experienced attorney is critical. H. Michael Steinberg will advise you during the process and keep your constitutional rights from being violated.

    You may ask yourself – I haven’t been charged yet, do I need an attorney?

    In some cases, you may have the reason to believe that you are being investigated for criminal activity or you may have received a summons/court order, but have no future court date, or you may have an officer or detective requesting to speak with you.

    It is critical to protect yourself and your rights. Retaining an attorney is important; all communication with police and/or detectives will go through your attorney and not you directly. If charges haven’t been filed yet, your attorney can speak with the prosecutor’s office to attempt to avoid charges ever being filed.

    During this phase before your case is handed to the DA, A Colorado criminal defense attorney will do everything possible to accomplish the following:

    •Prevent filing of charges

    •Reduce charges

    •Assist with surrender and avoid arrest

    •Enforce your constitutional rights

    •Divert allegations into an informal resolution

    •Contact the detective and advise him/her to direct all future contact with you through the attorney

    •Arrange for a confidential polygraph

    •Refuse speaking with the police or investigators

    •Request an attorney to be present when speaking with police


    What is precharge representation?

    Precharge representation is aimed at trying to prevent you from being charged with a crime.

    Typically, people do not seek representation in criminal cases until they are charged. Sometimes, however, if you are aware that you are a suspect in a pending criminal investigation, a lawyer

    can keep you from being charged with a crime or prevent you from being charged with a more serious offense. If you are ultimately charged, the lawyer may be able to arrange for a voluntary surrender so you avoid being arrested and having to post bail to secure your release pending trial.

    In a precharge situation, a lawyer functions as a buffer between his or her client and the investigating and prosecuting authorities. If you have reason to believe that you are a suspect in a pending criminal investigation and would like to discuss precharge representation, call us at 303-627-7777.

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