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    Possession of contraband in the second degree 18-8-204.2 (2)


    Escape and Offenses Relating to Custody

    This web page contains the elements of the Colorado Crime of Possession of contraband in the second degree 18-8-204.2 (2)

    These are only the basic elements of these crimes – to fully understand a crime with which you are charged you will need a much greater understanding of Colorado Criminal Law.

    This web site is designed to empower criminal defendants by helping them understand every phase of the criminal justice process. It also addresses the different types of defenses and strategies that exist in the Colorado Criminal Justice System.

    If you are charged with a crime and seek to understand the new world you have entered – you need to understand that criminal laws and procedures can be so complex that even judges can get them wrong.

    Possession of contraband in the second degree

    A person who is confined in a detention facility commits the class 1 misdemeanor of possession of contraband in the second degree if he or she knowingly obtains or has in his or her possession contraband (as defined in 18-8-204 (2)), unless the possession is authorized by rule or by regulation.

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