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    Does Experience Really Matter In Colorado Criminal Cases?

    By Colorado Criminal Defense Lawyer – H. Michael Steinberg

    The question – does experience really matter in Colorado criminal cases … should appear obvious to anyone charged with a crime – any crime. The lifelong consequences of a poorly represented defendant cannot be overstated.  The loss of tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars over a lifetime in future income as a result of lost employment opportunities – is only one consequence… the other impacts are staggering.

    Does Experience Really Matter

    Does Experience Really Matter?

    What is the role of experience in the defense of Colorado criminal cases ?

    Experience matters. As noted above – the consequences of a criminal conviction are serious. Where you live – where you work and your relationship with your friends and family are among these consequences. With so much at stake – your lawyer should be a man or woman who best knows the inner workings of the system, in short – a person who knows how to obtain the best possible results in your specific case.

    The best comparison seems to be to the field of medicine – if you need surgery, would you request a doctor right out of medical school or would you want a surgeon with 40 years in the operating room and who has done tens of thousands of similar operations?

    Before I Answer The Question Does Experience Really Matter – Ask – When Will I Need An Attorney?

    Obviously if you have been arrested or charged with a crime, misdemeanor or felony, you need an experienced Colorado criminal defense attorney right now.

    On the other hand – if you have not been arrested or charged but rather you believe you are or may be under investigation, you should contact an experienced criminal defense attorney before you make the decision to speak to the police…

    Most reputable Colorado criminal defense attorneys, including myself, will provide a free initial consultation regarding the investigation. Learning your options is free – making the call makes sense.

    The sooner you speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney – the sooner that lawyer can begin investigating your case and protecting your rights and the rights of your family.

    Why Retain A Lawyer During The Pre-Filing Phase Of A Colorado Criminal Case?

    When your case is under investigation – that is the best time to retain a criminal defense lawyer – why – then?

    During the pre-filing of charges phase of your case – the police and the DA are attempting to build their case against you. Your rights may be unclear to you and it is clear that law enforcement will use any method they can to obtain evidence against you- especially if that evidence comes out of your mouth or your home. They will use pretext phone calls ( LINK) – they will use loved ones to persuade you to come in to give “your side of the case” and any other tactic or strategy that may lead to your slipping up and providing them with motive evidence for example – or other evidence they may need in their investigation.

    It is at this time that an experienced Colorado criminal defense lawyer may be able to do the most good.

    So – Does Experience Really Matter In Colorado Criminal Cases? – (Yes)

    An experienced Colorado criminal defense attorney will immediately start investigating your case. If the police have no other source of information – they will believe everything the alleged victim tells them. A good lawyer may be able to demonstrate to the police and prosecutors that NO charges should be filed against you.

    The first 13 years of my Colorado Criminal Law career were in the courts of Arapahoe and Douglas counties. As a Career Senior Trial Deputy DA – I was keenly aware of the life a case takes on AFTER charges are filed and how much easier it is to NO FILE as case and to convince the police or other prosecutors not to file charges BEFORE the case is in the court system – as opposed to trying to get the case dismissed AFTER IT IS FILED. 

    Rule 1 – NEVER Talk To The Police Without Counsel

    Never – ever speak to the police without at least having discussed your case with an experienced Colorado criminal defense attorney. Many times – the police have an exceedingly weak case – your statement may be the very evidence they need to make the case provable in court.

    Very few people will ever help themselves by talking with the police.

    But I Am Innocent – Why Do I Need A Lawyer?

    This may come as a shock – but innocent people are not only charged with crimes they did not commit they sometimes are – these innocent people – convicted of crimes that they did not commit.

    Mistakes happen – the police and prosecutors do make mistakes – many mistakes. An experienced Colorado criminal defense attorney will not only examine every facet of your case, including the  police investigation, but they can pro-actively gather evidence to prove your innocence.

    In The Final Analysis – A Lawyer’s Fee May Be The Best Money You Will Ever Spend

    If the criminal defense attorney is able to convince the prosecutors to not file – or if filed – to dismiss your case… or if the case cannot be dismissed – the seasoned Colorado criminal defense lawyer should be able to negotiate a favorable plea bargain.

    And if – once all options are known to you, that same lawyer should carefully explain to you all of your options, including whether you should take your case all the way to a trial… with the risks inherent in each decision and in each option.

    Free Consultation 24×7

    We know how difficult it is to make this call. We are experts and are here to help you, not judge you. Call us any time at 303-627-7777 Business Hours – or 720-220-2277 After Hours.

    Contact A Denver, Colorado Criminal Defense Lawyer – and ask him or her…..

     Does Experience Really Matter?



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