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    Colorado Sex Crimes Cases Generally

    by Colorado Sex Crimes Attorney – Law Firm – H. Michael Steinberg

    In Colorado – as in all states – there is no question that no matter what type of sexual offense charged, the accused experiences a great deal of embarrassment, grief, anxiety, fear, and often anger. 

    The Threat Of A Colorado Conviction For A Sex Offense

    If convicted of a sex-crime, a defendant faces lengthy jail or prison terms, large expenses related to probation and treatment modalities, and the requirement of sex offender registration that labels the offender – most often in serious cases – for life under the Colorado Sex Offender Registry laws. 

    These mandates impact all aspect of your life – but especially your ability to find and maintain work, your personal relationships, and personal freedoms you now take for granted. You also may face the embarrassment of having your name and photograph placed on a sex-offender website, visible to the public, where potential employers, significant others, friends and family, and neighbors can learn that you are a convicted sex offender. 

    Being convicted of a sex crime can completely alter the course of your life and can be a life-long impediment that follows you wherever you go.   

    It is imperative to consult an experienced and successful criminal defense attorney right away.

    H. Michael Steinberg is an experienced Colorado criminal defense lawyer who knows that it is vital to contact his – or other qualified Colorado law firms – as soon as you learn you are being investigated for a sexual offense, to preserve evidence and begin building the best defense possible.  He has successfully defended and – yes prosecuted – hundreds of sex crimes over many decades.  He found success as a prosecutor,  so he knows the tactics we will face and how to successfully defend you. 

    Contact us today at 303-627-7777 or his personal cell if you need answers right now 720-220-2277 for a FREE and CONFIDENTIAL consultation…. or use our online contact form which H. Michael checks dozens of times each day no matter where he is located..

    Defenses to Colorado Sex Crimes

    The right defense tactic to employ is completely dependent on the circumstances surrounding your individual case.  When retained H. Michael will sit down with you and determine which course of action best suits your particular case. 

    Here are some of the more common defenses to Colorado sex crimes:

    Reasonable Doubt Regarding the Occurrence of the Alleged Crime

    Depending on the alleged crime and the factual details, we may contend that a sexual assault never actually occurred.  Sadly, many times, sexual crimes are falsely and fraudulently alleged, often times for domestic reasons to “get back” at a wrongly accused defendant.  H. Michael has  persuaded jurors in many cases that the alleged victim is not credible and that there exists reasonable doubt regarding the alleged crime. 

    Misidentification of the Alleged Sex Offender

    A second tactic we may employ is admitting that an offense occurred, but denying that the accused was the person who committed the crime.  Rape and assault by persons unknown to the victim often involve photo or in-person lineups or other means of identification.  H. Michael is an experienced and skilled criminal defense lawyer who has successfully attacked the credibility of this evidence, be it through forensic evidence, mishandling of evidence, constitutional and evidentiary bars to introducing evidence, or be simply persuading a jury that the accused defendant was misidentified or the victim was not credible in her accusation.

    Consent of the Alleged Victim

    The third, and perhaps most common, defense is to show that an alleged victim consented to the sexual act.  Sadly, again, an alleged victim may wrongfully accuse or fraudulently accuse an alleged defendant of rape or sexual assault for devious and illegitimate reasons.  Again, H. Michael has successfully persuade a jury of this. Experienced and skilled trial attorneys are critical in these cases to demonstrate to the jury that an alleged victim actually consented to a sexual act in many cases where rape and other sex crimes are alleged.

    Again, no matter what sex crime you are being investigated for or charged with, it is imperative to call an experienced Colorado criminal defense attorney. He has  achieved hundreds of excellent results including many complete acquittals for his clients and will bring the most persuasive case possible on your behalf. 

    Please contact us today at 303-627-7777 or please call his personal cell 24-7-365 if you need answers right now at 720-220-2277 for a FREE and CONFIDENTIAL consultation…. or use our online contact form which H. Michael checks dozens of times each day no matter where he is located..

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